LED Troffer Retrofit Strip Kit 4ft 60W 5K

LED Retrofit




LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

LED retrofit kit strips are economic led replacement for 2x4ft existing lay-in troffer in drop ceiling. The retrofit kit is guaranteed to provide you better, and healthier lighting than conventional fluorescent light.
•Designed to easily fit into traditional fluorescent tubes in a variety commercial applications
•0-10V Dimmable
•High Efficacy LEDs
•Easy and Fast Installation, quick and convenient installation with existing luminaire body within 3 mins
•Mounting method: Magnetic, quick connect
•Noise-free, maintenance free, no glare, flicker or hot spots
•Durable - 5 Years warranty. Long lifespan last up to 50,000 hrs

Widely Application
Ideal for residential or commercial applications.
Widely installed in Office, School, Hospital, Meeting room, Show room.
Exhibition Hall, Supermarket, Airport, Railway station, Retail
Factory, Workshops, Equipment room and Industrial workstation etc.

•5 Year Warranty
•Power: 60W
•Lumens: 7800lm
•Color Temperature: 5000K Daylight White
•Operate Voltage: 100-277V AC

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