Motion Sensor PIR LED Switch 4A

LED Retrofit


  • 1. Infrared detection sensor switch controller, the use of infrared detection control the load of the switch. Users according to actual needs, the human body sensors installed in the appropriate environment
  • 2. PIR(Passive infrared) sensor is pyroelectric device can detect human movement by detecting Infrared ray emitted by human body.
  • 3. Operating voltage is DC 5-24V, and output voltage is equal to input voltage. High sensitivity, easy for installing.
  • 4. Widely used on the motion-activated lighting, LED strips security system, automatic sensory device and more.
Material ABS
Voltage DC 5-24V
Current 4A
Cored Length All 60cm
Product Size 28g
Packing List
  • PIR Sensor Switch LED Connector with 5.5 x 2.1mm DC Male & Female Adapter for LED Strip