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LEDRetrofit.ca is passionate about using LED lights and has been in the construction and renovation industry for over 30 years.  This online store is a another way that

LEDRetrofit.ca is trying to expand the consumer knowledge of LED lights and how great they are for your home, office or retail store location.



  • UNBEATABLE VALUE – Affordable to implement, our  LED high bay light was engineered to optimize both illumination and economic performance. The result is unbeatable value that contributes to a more profitable bottom line.
  • SUPERIOR LIGHTING – Independently certified by DLC at 135 lumens per watt, our 165W LED high bay light puts out 22,300 lumens and can replace mercury-vapor lamps, metal-halide (MH) lamps, ceramic MH lamps, sodium-vapor lamps, xenon short-arc lamps, compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, and incandescent lamps.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Designed for ease of installation and versatility, our LED high bay can seamlessly mount to virtually any overhead area such as high-bays, low-bays, warehouse ceilings or any open overhead building space.
  • BETTER DESIGNLEDRetrofit.ca high bay light uses newer LED technology to obtain the highest luminous efficacy per watt. Our new design also offers a larger heat sink which allows better heat dissipation to ensure long lasting performance.
  • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE – Capable of saving up to 80% energy compared to traditional source technologies, our LED high bay light also provides improved lighting quality, for a safer and more inviting environment.
  • DLC AND UL CERTIFIED – All of our lights are manufactured in 2017 and can be verified by the date code label.
  • Superior performance, Quality Craftsmanship

    New performance standards for lighting are built into every EverWatt product. They are designed to meet a superior level of quality craftsmanship, ensuring long life, precise light control, and the superior aesthetics that make our products distinct.

    Our IP64 Lightweight polyester powdered steel fabricated channel provides maximum durability. Our heat sink is designed to perform at warm ambient temperatures and because of it’s design this fixture provides a sustainable lumen drop that is less than many other LED fixtures. The metal housing and reflectors provide excellent heat dissipation  to extend LED and component life, the housing also has a 7/8″” K.O. at the end of each fixture for wiring or for a motion detector.

    Expect a great payback period, along with an affordable cost of ownership. Our LED high bay is designed for easy, quick, and reliable installation. It requires virtually no maintenance.

    Beautiful Aesthetics, Rugged Construction.

    Our EverWatt LED high bay light delivers high-quality light with superior efficiency. Suitable for suspension via chain, cable, surface-mount bracket, hook mono point or single (pendant) mono point. For the best lighting the fixture should be mounted between 30ft and 35ft.

    (Surface mounting not recommended without optional surface mounting bracket.)

    (Note: don’t be fooled by other manufacturers selling old technology. Our lights are all made in 2017 with the newest technology and can be verified by the date code labeled on each product.)

    What Is DLC?

    The Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is a voluntary certification initiative for LED technology requiring lighting products to comply with minimum performance standards in three critical areas: distribution, color, and longevity/stress. Testing to DLC requirements must be completed by an accredited laboratory and test results submitted directly to the DLC by the manufacturer. DLC is a utility-based initiative that many utilities base their rebate program on.