Aluminum Profile LSG-AL15-R

LED Retrofit




* Standard 6063 National aluminum profile for LED strips.

* Customized Length available for multiple applications.

* Perfect Heat dissipation for LED strips, prolong the lifetime of LED strips.

Perfect for under cabinet, under stairs, closets, exhibits, furniture, work stations, or any project needing a thin profile for housing your LED Strip Lights.

Aluminum Profile with Cover, End Caps and Clips, Each Meter with Two End Caps and Two Clips


Specification: 21*24.5**1000mm


PCB size W=16mm

Weight: 155g

Aluminum profile 1000mm  

PC cover 1000mm, Transparent / Diffused available.  

End cap 2 Pcs - one with wire hole, one without.  

Mount Clip 2 Pcs for each set housing.