Wall-mounted Touch Panel



    • High-grade tempered glass panel. Humanized touch circle. LED night indicator.
    • Latest human detection design. Capacitive touching sensor. Touching along with chord music.
    • T-PWM dimming technology/ 4096 gray scale.
    • Scenes Save & playback, Users could save the designed lighting effects anytime, anywhere for playback next time.
  • Size: RGBW Strip Controller

    D series wall-mounted touch panel controller -single zone series is widely installed in commercial / office/household. Range from Single color/ CT/RGB/RGBW four types. Applies for various kinds LEDs.

    D series touch panel controller absorts the best controlling technology from other manufacturers. to provide users with more superior items.
    1 simple fashion and decent appearance design.
    2 Unique structure, super easy to install/remove.
    3 high accuracy touching IC+special post-processing ,the touching accuracy is highly strengthened.
    4 Fool type operation, easy to use.
    5 Touching along with chord music & LED indicator. Visual & Auditory & Touch 3 layers to feel the light-changing synchronously.
    6. Pioneered T-PWM dimming technology+ 4096 gray scale makes an almost perfect dimming/ color-mixing performance.

    T-PWM dimming technology/4096 gray scale

    Installed in standard 86 boxes
    Professional shell design combined with sealed PCB, super easy to install & remove.

    Technical Specs:
    Input Voltage: DC12V-24V
    Load Current: 4A*4CH Max 16A
    Max Output Power: 192W (12V), 384W(24V)
    Grey Scale Level: 4096*4096*4096*4096
    Working Temperature: -20-60 ℃
    Dimensions: L86*W86*H36(mm)
    Weight(N.W.): 162g

    The Changing Mode:
    A. Static Red
    B. Static Green
    C. Static Blue
    D. Static Yellow
    E. Static Purple
    F. Static Cyan
    G. Static White
    H. RGB Skipping
    I. 7 Colors Skipping
    J. RGB Smooth
    K. 7 Colors Smooth

    White Key
    Press to turn on/off the white LEDs. Long press to change the brightness.

    Package included:
    1pc * D4 RGBW touch panel