Music LED Controller 3 Channel w/ Remote

LED Retrofit



Operating temperature: -20 ~ 45

Input voltage: 12V-24V DC 

Control Variant: Common anode

Sound Control: >70 dB

Max. current output: 5A (MAX 1.65A per Channel)

Maximum output power: 12V<180W; 24V< 360W

Output port: 3 ports (GRB+)

Net weight:210g

Package included:
1 * LED Controller (LED Strip Light not included)
1 * IR Remote Control (Not include Battery)
1 * User's Manual

The remote controls all of the functions by sending an IR (infrared) signal to the controller. This remote will work only with the controller.

Batteries are included with the remote.


RGB Sound Sensitive Music Color Changer

This music color changing LED light controller is Sound Sensitive & is the easiest and fastest way to add color to any environment. Usi

ng the latest in LED color technology. Just screw it into any standard wires connector and turn it on.



Indoor accent lighting local lighting /led strip RGB spotlight Package content 1 X 9 channels RGB IR music & audio sound sensitive LED controller DC12V input